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December 16, 2009

A message about perception:

Happy Holidays!

November 15, 2009

Chinese-German-Mexican-American Yoga

For me, the best texts I've found on Yoga are not the traditional ones, such as The Vedas, The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, The Yoga Sutra, etc.  I had trouble with the foreign names and cultural basis of these texts. 

About the same time that I decided to become a Yoga teacher Caroline Myss wrote Anatomy of the Spirit, a brilliant book that included information about the seven major chakras, written in a language and context that I could easily understand.

I mentioned several months ago a favorite of mine, The Four Agreements, in my writings below.  It is the wisdom of the Toltecs, translated into plain English, adapted for current application, and a good example of yogic teachings.

Last weekend I drove to Seattle to spend three days with Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog, authors of I Ching, Oracle of the Cosmic Way

I Ching is an ancient text from China which forms the basis of all Chinese wisdom, the Martial Arts and Feng Shui included. I was introduced to this book in 1970 and toyed with it for years.  Then Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog came along and exposed the truths of I Ching like no one before them had done.  Their explanation of the Cosmic Way is harmonious with anything I've read in the Vedas, The Upanishads, and the Yoga Sutra, yet much clearer. 

What Carol and Hanna have brought forth for us is a way to de-program our minds from the illusions and misconceptions that create "the collective ego."  The methods they teach are meditation in action. 

For more information, here is their Web site: ichingbooks.com

November 3, 2009

Always something new

After a three day weekend of TriYoga classes with Kali Ray I have renewed enthusiasm for the TriYoga system.  Although I refer to the style of Yoga that I teach as "eclectic", it is at least 80% TriYoga sequences.  Kali Ray is a unique, American master of Yoga Asana, having experienced Kriyavati almost 30 years ago.  Kriyavati is a spontaneous awakening of Kundalini energy. To read Kaliji's own words about her experience of Kriyavati click here.

Every time I study with her there are refinements to the practice, minor changes in the way she flows seamlessly from one posture to the next.  I always learn something new.  Sometimes it is something that's been presented many times before, but finally it clicks and it's finally mine to share with you.  So there will be some small changes that you might notice in our practice. 

Not All Bad

One of the first awakenings I had about nutrition many decades ago, was that there was a huge amount of refined sugar found in foods that I ate without questioning their value.  That was long before the required labeling system we have today which lists how many grams of sugar are found in the packaged foods we buy.  Since then I have done my best to avoid foods with added, refined sugars.

Recently I have learned about some very beneficial natural sugars that are helpful in preventing and treating bacterial infections.  Yes that's right.  I was so surprised. Xylitol, a natural sugar from birch trees, can be used to treat sinus problems.  Another sugar call d-mannose is helpful in treating urinary tract infections.  If you'd like more information, do what I did ~ Google.

October 4, 2009

Good Science

I'm reading a startling book that's been out for a few years called The China Study, written by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. and Thomas M. Campbell II.  It's called the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted.  It shatters many misconceptions we have about diet, disease and nutrition.  I would consider it a must-read for anyone with cancer.

June 10, 2009 

Simple Truths

Just in case you've never read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, I'd like to mention this book.  It's a small book, easy to read and understand, and its teachings are important tools for living an enlightened life. It can be found on Amazon.

 May 17, 2009


Say What?

I like to use the closed captioning feature on my TV so I can keep the volume relatively low.  One day I was watching a travel show about India.  Someone was explaining the meaning of the greeting, "Namaste."  This is what we say to each other at the end of each yoga class.  According to the captions it said that namaste means, "going down to the garden vineyard."    I laughed.  What the captioner didn't hear correctly was "bowing down to the God within you".  It's funny how our ears can play tricks on us.


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