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The Yoga Loft

Class Descriptions

"Eclectic" best describes the style of yoga at The Yoga Loft. 

All Yoga classes include relaxation, breathing, and a variety of postures designed to promote balance, strength, flexibility, awareness, and well-being for the body, mind and spirit. Most classes at The Yoga Loft are intended to be multi-level.  It is very possible for beginners and intermediates to practice side by side in the classroom.  Students of all ages participate.  If you have any questions about which class is most suitable for you, feel free to contact us.

Chris's classes incorporate a good deal of flowing routines, as she is strongly influenced by Kali Ray's Tri-Yoga.  The use of props is encouraged to make postures more comfortable and to encourage deeper relaxation.  In her classes you may also practice a bit of QiGong, myofascial release techniques, "MELT"-ing, or Somatic Movements.

She is a certified instructor of The MELT Method, self administered massage techniques using foam rollers and small balls.  These techniques are proving to be an invaluable aid to the yoga practice.  She is also a certified Somatic Movement Coach.  Chris loves chanting and you can view the chant that begins her classes here. 

Gary's teaching style focuses on alignment and understanding the body, based on his years of experience as a Chiropractor and a Yogi.  He also brings a wealth of knowledge from his lengthy study and practice of Applied Kinesiology to his teaching.     

Private lessons are available for people with injuries or illnesses or for those who need individual attention.

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