The Yoga Loft Instructors

Teachers open the door.  You enter by yourself.

~Chinese Proverb

Chris Eisenschmidt E~R.Y.T. 200, Y.A.C.E.P.

I have been a fan of yoga since I first watched  yoga shows on public TV in the 60's, Yoga for Health with Richard Hittleman and Lilias, Yoga and You, with Lilias Folan. I started teaching yoga in 1993 and 7 years later began formal training with Bob Smith and Ki McGraw from the Hatha Yoga Center in Seattle.  In 2012 I studied MELT Method with Sue Hitzmann, its creator.  MELT is also a holistic treatment that complements yoga beautifully and supports the body for ease of movement, strength, flexibility and comfort.

In 2017 I trained with Martha Peterson in Essential Somatics.  This practice is the most gentle and therapeutic form of movement that I teach.  
Chinese philosophy, I Ching and Feng Shui have been long time interests of mine. In 2008 I became a certified feng shui consultant from the Enerald Feng Shui Institute in Seattle.  Feng Shui is taking Yoga into your environment by balancing your inner and outer spaces.
To me, Yoga, MELT, Somatics and FFeng Shui...they're all yoga~ holistic practices for self care and  mindfulness.

Gary Domby, D.C.,  D.I.B.A.K.

A friend who came to dinner in l976 introduced Gary to yoga.  They practiced some breathing exercises and did the plow pose. The impact of this first exposure to yoga was powerful. He was amazed at the sensation of energy moving up and down his spine.

He dabbled with yoga for a couple of years on his own, simply based on what his friend had shown him and with the help of some books. 
After graduation from Chiropractic college in 1986 yoga became Gary's central fitness activity. Iyengar's, Light on Yoga, was used daily as he entered into a period of individual stud
In Fall of l989 he decided to start teaching yoga in what we now call "The Yoga Loft", above his office. 

Gary believes that Hatha Yoga and Chiropractic share much philosophically and he often prescribes specific asanas along with manipulations and nutritional therapy.

 "There is a vital Life Force that creates life as well as restores and maintains health. My role as a Chiropractic physician and yoga instructor is to facilitate the discovery and development of that Life Force in my patients and students."